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Ny'aire Johnson

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Artist Statement

My name is Ny’aire Johnson, and I’m an artist. I express myself through written and spoken art forms. I call myself a writer over a poet because I do not like to limit myself to a single form of representation. Art to me, should have (and/or evoke) some kind of emotion invested in it. Art CAN be made aimlessly but real art is made with meaning. I write because it gives me the courage and strength to say what I can’t project out of my mouth itself. In my writing, I have found my voice.


The inspiration for my piece came from the documentary “The First Rainbow Coalition” that we watched in the program. It was my first time hearing about the work governed by the Black Panther Party in Chicago; and the different methods and programs started to help benefit everyone living in poverty at the time. I think this is a movement everyone should be looking at now more than ever because still to this day, these are things the government has not quite done right. I pulled the quote “In unity there is force” said by Jose Jimenez from the documentary and played around with the words to create my artwork. It consists of five different messages and images to represent the togetherness between different groups shown in the film. It took some time but I am completely satisfied with my finished product.

Additional Artwork

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