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Jay Weston


Artist Statement

Hi my name is Jay Tvffolope Weston.  And I am an artist. I really creating things. I spend my days coming up with new ideas and if I had to describe myself in open word it probably be creative, because the word creative goes a long way.  The word creative is not referring to art, it’s referring to who you are as a person. I like to think outside the box, for example.

I grew up with art, My mom is an artist and is very successful and so was ,y biological mom. She was very talented and I’m really happy that I take after both of my moms! I enjoy painting, singing, photography, and drawing. Digitally and on paper. When I’m doing those things I don’t necessarily do it like everyone else would usually do, I do it in my own way. For example, the other day I made my mom breakfast and instead of me using the toaster to toast her bread I toasted the bread in the waffle iron and put her eggs on top. Usually someone would use the toaster, but I thought outside the box and wanted to so my own thing.


About my culture and who I am..
I am a very mixed individual. I have Brazilian, black and Native American on my blood. I am Native and I’m from the Seminole tribe. My native culture is a hog part of who I am. My parents are also native and we do and participate in a lot of the cultures traditions. We get dressed up in our regalias and  head to powwows. That’s when we usually do most of our traveling. Out Friends and family also participate and come with us to do these things. I love my culture, and I love that my family does as well.

My animated gif is of an African woman, she has a hand on her mouth and that hand stands for the people who try to silence us. She is a very strong and confident woman, in other words, she is a bad ass! She is fierce and will fight for her culture and her life! My other piece is of a girl with a rainbow dress and has the names of black men and woman who were killed by police brutality. She is apart of and stands for the LGBTQ+ community. She is also a girl of color.

Additional Artwork

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