Adrian Huq


Artist Statement

Hi, I’m Adrian (they/them)! I am an artist and climate activist/organizer from Derby, Connecticut and a recent graduate from Metropolitan Business Academy. My favorite art forms are painting, dance, writing/storytelling, poetry and spoken word, and now - because of this program - digital art! Through my art, I especially like to explore themes of LGBTQ identity, breaking free from oppression, and the need for climate/environmental protection. 


For my art piece, I wanted to reflect my own identity as well as what I stand for while keeping things colorful and eye-catching.  For my GIF, I animated a butterfly flying across the piece and stopping to land on a raised fist. This arm is wrapped in a leafy vine, has earth-design painted nails, and wears bracelets saying “respect the earth” and “liberation for all.” I don’t often see mentions of the environment in the fight for social change, so I wanted to make that addition to my work through incorporating elements of nature. The background of the piece is a vertically-oriented version of the recently created “progress” pride flag, which I favor for its inclusivity and the unification of the LGBTQ movement. This flag includes the white, light pink, and light blue colors from the transgender flag, black and brown stripes to honor the struggles of queer people of color, and an arrow shape to signify moving forward. Overall, this piece stands to communicate resistance, liberation for all inclusive of queer and trans people, and our need to protect the planet.

Additional Artwork