Abdulrahman Elrefaei


Artist Statement

I am Abdulrahman Elrefaei (He/Him) and I am an artist from East Haven, Connecticut. I am  currently a junior that attends Hill Regional Career HighSchool. I really enjoy art in my own profound way. I really love to learn new things in the process of making my art piece. I really enjoy the thought process of drawing. It really opens my mind and makes me think more about things that I never thought about before.

In my GIF, I am trying to give a message that “THE MEDIA DOES NOT COVER THE WHOLE STORY”. I am just trying to justify that the media only says what it wants to say and it stirs up the world by deceiving them and making them trust that the story they are telling is exactly what is happening. I am just trying to put my message and thoughts into my art piece.